Cosmetics Express

Cosmetics Express is an import & marketing hub for cosmetics devices and advanced beauty technologies. The company’s core vision is to locate and inspect various advanced beauty tech and cosmetics treatments worldwide, and import them to America. Since its establishment, the company has inspected and imported a great number of devices and technologies used by numerous clinics in America, nationwide.

Outstanding Price & Quality

The wide selection of imported products meet the strictest European/US standards (CE, FDA) and include cosmetics, advanced beauty technologies, professional medical equipment and personal care products. The quality of these professional devices allows each and every beauty-industry professional to provide the most effective, efficient, and rapid skin treatments. Additionally, we also offer devices for home use. The technological devices supplied to professionals are imported and rendered without any mark-ups, which positively affects their attractive pricing. We supply dozens of technologies that are far superior to their marketplace counterparts, and some technologies are unique to us and are unparalleled in the market.

Membership Club - Support & Training Service

The company is in constant and direct contact with its clients through its membership club, where clients receive trainings and orientations. Additionally, the membership club is also the customer service and technical support center, providing advanced professional response. Direct contact with the company’s clients allows us to provide individual support and service to each client, cosmetician, or skin doctor. Cosmetics Express has solidified itself in Israel within a short while as the professional authority for importing, training, and supporting advanced beauty tech. Hundreds of different businesses, including beauty salons, spas, gyms, hair salons, skin clinics, and others, have joined the company’s growing clientele.







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